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A house made out of glass will surely shatter, so we built a fortress of red bricks and ladders. ”

Lyrics from Til The Casket Drops

ZZ Ward is a singer and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Los Angeles, California. Though she was born in Abington, Pennsylvania, Ward spent most of her childhood in Roseburg, Oregon. It was there that she joined her first band, at the age of twelve, after learning to play her dad's Hammond B-3 organs and the guitar. By 16, Ward began to immerse herself in the hip hop world and began to craft hooks for rappers in Oregon's hip hop scene. Her music caught the attention of Boardwalk Entertainment Group, and Ward began to work on a four-song EP, Criminal (released in May 2012) and her debut album, Til The Casket Drops (released October 16, 2012) through Boardwalk Entertainment Group/Hollywood Records.
ZZ Ward
Old-fashioned blues and soul spiked with a healthy dose of hip hop
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Til The Casket Drops
Move Like You Stole It (Kick Kick Snare Session)
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