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Lifeboats ship out, take on all the growing waves for you, but I can’t swim. I sink another day. ”

Lyrics from Lifeboats

Indie pop duo Soft Swells took to the West Coast from their Big Apple home in 2009, where they drew inspiration for their Cali-esque moniker and now deliver a sharp edge to the Los Angeles music scene. Singer/songwriter Tim Williams initiated the Soft Swells project with former Phonograph vocalist/guitarist Matt Welsh and signed to Modern Outsider Records, having since released their first single, “Every Little Thing,” in 2011 and, most recently, their debut self-titled EP in 2012. Williams earned his fair share of experiences back in Brooklyn, where he released three solo records through Dovecote Records. Partner in crime Welsh formed Phonograph in 2005 and toured with the likes of Chicago’s alternative rock outfit, Wilco.
Soft Swells
Gentle, effervescent indie pop that ebbs and flows
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Every Little Thing
Lifeboats (Live)
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