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I didn’t know who you were, will I see you again? Who knows, perhaps next summer? ”

Lyrics from The Summer Song (translated)

Though the name is French, Nous Non Plus (which means “Us No More”) is an American band from New York City. The group is faux-French, singing almost entirely in French and adopting French pseudonyms. Nous Non Plus originally emerged from Les Sans Culottes, another NYC based faux-French band. The band voted out Clermont Ferrand, who contested his former bandmates ability to continue on with the name Les Sans Culottes. Being a lawyer, Ferrand represented himself and was able to keep the name as his former bandmates did not have the funds for legal fees to contest him. Led by Céline Dijon and Jean-Luc Retard, Nous Non Plus released their first self-titled debut with the new lineup in 2005 on Aeronaut Records. The band soon gained acclaim for their tight sound and highly entertaining live show. They followed up with 2009's Menagerie and 2011's Freudian Slip, all released on Aeronaut.
Nous Non Plus
A faux-French band with an authentically infectious rock sound
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