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You got me under a spell. You look like heaven, oh, but you put me through hell. ”

Lyrics from My Oh My

Tristan Prettyman (b. May 23rd 1982) is a singer-songwriter signed to Capitol Records. Prettyman grew up in San Diego, CA where she took up surfing at a young age and modeled for surf company Roxy. She also developed a strong love for music while growing up, learning to play guitar and beginning to write songs while attending high school. After releasing demos and an EP in the early 2000s, Prettyman released her debut album Twentythree in 2005, followed by Hello...x in 2008. Prettyman was engaged to fellow San Diego musician Jason Mraz, though the relationship ended in 2011, spurring much of the inspiration for her third album, Cedar + Gold released October 2nd, 2012, her first for Capitol Records.
Tristan Prettyman
A surfer/model turned singer-songwriter uses humor and wit to make a breakup album moving and fun
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