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The sounds of a girl who will never stay repeat in my mind every single day. ”

Lyrics from What Became Of You And I?

Treefight for Sunlight is a Danish quartet with deep roots. Band members Mathias Sørensen, Morten Winther Nielsen, and Christian Rohde Lindiger began playing together in sixth grade, modestly beginning their musical careers with their grade-school take on the Beatles’ Let it Be. As the band grew more serious, they were joined by pianist and vocalist Niels Kirk. The band spent three and a half years crafting their debut album, recording parts of it in an old church in their hometown, the only venue they could borrow for free. Their debut album was released as a self-title in the UK by Bella Union in 2011 and released stateside under the original Danish name, A Collection of Vibrations for Your Skull by Friendly Fire Records.
Treefight For Sunlight
Ethereal Danish dream pop to transport you to a blissful world
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