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Heaven so unwired, he won't be so satisfied. ”

Lyrics from In Return

Shortly after the 2004 breakup of 90s doom metal band Floor, vocalist Steve Brooks re-entered the rather downplayed Miami metal scene alongside drummer Rick Smith, bassist Jonathan Nuñez and guitarist and ex-Floor band mate Juan Montoya. Together, Torche released their self-titled debut in 2005—the band collaborated on each album’s artwork and packaging—introducing their anthemic rendition of sludge metal. Following the success of their first record, Torche released Meanderthal in 2008. Later that year, Montoya and Torche parted ways, but in 2011, Torche went on to include guitarist Andrew Elstner. Torche released their latest Harmonicraft in April 2012 through Volcom Entertainment.
A Miami metal band writes heavy tunes lightened by great melodies
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