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Well, I might not know all the words, but it feels good to sing along to an old country and western song. ”

Lyrics from Country & Western Song

Monterey, CA native Carl Jordan is the man behind The Western States Motel. The name was originally created as a recording entity creating soundtracks for various projects, including a documentary on Johnny Cash’s 1968 concert at Folsom Prison. The band’s self-titled, self-released debut album came in 2007, followed by the EP Painted Birds Flying in the Orange Mirror Sun, in 2008. Both releases were made in true DIY fashion, recorded by Jordan at home in a spare bedroom. When performing live The Western States Motel enlists musicians Jesse Carmichael (drums), Jesse Taylor (bass), John Schreffler Jr. (guitar), and Brian Pearl (keyboards). The band’s second full-length release, 2011’s Freeway Freeway Riverbed picks up where the previous two releases left off, delivering the same indie pop sound with roots in folk.
The Western States Motel
Gently meandering acoustic guitar-driven folk-pop
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