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Misery is a little line, or a little dash, it's a subtraction sign. Happiness is a little cross, so if you're feeling lost, use it to add it up. ”

Lyrics from Struck Dumb

The Futureheads are a post-punk band from Sunderland, England consisting of Ross Millard (vocals and guitar), Barry Hyde (vocals and guitar), David "Jaff" Craig (bass guitar) and Dave Hyde (drums). Forming in 2000 while attending the City of Sunderland College, the group began their career playing local shows at small venues around town. Noted for their catchy melodic punk sound and new wave sensibilities, the Futureheads take primary influence from XTC, Devo, the Jam and the Buzzcocks. Their songs are typically 3 minute, guitar-driven punk tunes with catchy melodies and memorable hooks. Another defining aspect of the group's sound is their well coordinated vocal harmonies, similar to those in Queen's hit song “Bohemian Rhapsody.” With major label support from 679 Recordings during 2004-2006, the Futureheads released their self-titled LP to a #11 UK chart position, while their sophomore LP News and Tributes climbed to #11. In 2008 the Futureheads broke out of their major label contract and opted to independently self-release their next LP This Is Not the World on Nul Records. The album charted at #1 in the UK Indie Chart. The Chaos LP was released on Nul Records in 2010, and the band is rumored to release their next album entirely a cappella.
The Futureheads
Modern British punk rock with a surprising harmonic twist
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