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I'd commit a number of any crimes, If I could get a thousand lashes from your eyes. It's a puerile compliment, I'm a senile delinquent. ”

Lyrics from A Thousand Lashes

The City and Horses are an indie-pop band from New York City led by singer/songwriter Marc Cantone. The band keeps a low profile, Cantone has revealed that he is the producer of a children's TV show, but has not shared much more info about himself. The band plays a goofy take on indie-pop, writing sometimes tender, sometimes rocking songs that never take themselves too seriously. The City and Horses released their debut album I Don't Want To Dream in 2009. “Little Finland,” a song from the album, was used in the music-themed indie film Paper Hearts, starring Michael Cera. The band released their sophomore album We Will Never Be Discovered in 2011 on Brooklyn's Paper Gardens Records.
The City and Horses
Eclectic indie pop tied together by witty, heartfelt lyrics
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