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Upon the hill you’re heading blind, we had ourselves a real cool time, carvin’ our way on the hillside, wonderin’ what comes after life. ”

Lyrics from Tumble Down

Terry Malts is a punk rock trio based in San Francisco, CA. The band began as a side project of San Francisco indie pop band Magic Bullets, but soon became the main musical endeavor of vocalist/bassist Phil Benson, guitarist Corey Cunningham and drummer Nathan Sweatt. Breaking from the sweet, jangly 80s inspired sounds of Magic Bullets, Terry Malts makes aggressive, heavily distorted punk lightened by catchy pop melodies. After an EP release and two 7” singles, the band released their debut album Killing Time on Oakland indie label Slumberland, an iconic label who’s past roster has heavily inspired Terry Malts. Terry Malts is known for their high energy live show and will undertake a fall American tour.
Terry Malts
Ferociously fun chainsaw pop from a San Francisco trio
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