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When I landed, I felt the surface move. Will I always be away from home? I felt the crest of a wave crash over me. ”

Lyrics from Surface

Hailing from Vancouver, Teen Daze is the moniker created by producer Jamison. After two EP’s—Four More Years (Arcade Sound Ltd., 2010), A Silent Planet (Waaga, 2011)—several remixes, and a bit of touring, Teen Daze finally delivered their first full-length All Of Us, Together LP (Lefse, 2012). Jamison’s connection to the book “Out of The Silent Planet” by C.S. Lewis can attribute some of the atmospheric chillwave sound heard in Teen Daze. Four years earlier in February 2008, Jamison spent seven weeks in the Swiss Alps studying philosophy, engulfed in the books of great thinkers, one of whom was C.S. Lewis. While the inspiration Jamison got from C.S. Lewis manifested in the A Silent Planet EP, Teen Daze’s evolutionary sound can be heard full circle in All of Us, Together, as a culmination of all his work to this point.
Teen Daze
Gauzy, dreamy chillwave with bleary eyes and an open heart
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