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I need a break from time; the days are lagging on. I'm playing with biting chaos; the bells inside my head go off. ”

Lyrics from Bells

New York-based singer-songwriter Sydney Wayser plays several instruments in her music, including guitar, piano and children’s toys. The French-American artist grew up in Los Angeles and spent her summers in Paris. Her unique upbringing made way for a wide range of French and American cultural influences such as Edith Piaf, Charlotte Gainsbourg and John Lennon, among others. Sydney’s third and latest album, Bell Choir Coast, was a fictional land she created as a way to escape a harsh New York winter and bring herself somewhere else, since she couldn’t leave New York. Bell Choir Coast takes Sydney’s indie-pop sound and infuses a bit of happiness to it. She has performed at festivals like SXSW, Wanderlust Festival and Canadian Music Fest, in addition to tours with the likes of Kaki King.
Sydney Wayser
Sultry folk-pop from a French-American, New York-based chanteuse
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