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Closed in your room, could you grow up in your birdcage? If you screen your eyes and your ears, could you blossom without heartache? ”

Lyrics from Tears Coming Home

Sébastien Schuller (born Jean-Sébastien Schuller) is a clasically-trained percussionist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist from Aubergenville, France. Since his first down-tempo electronic debut in 1999, with the 12” Londres, Schuller has composed numerous songs for television and movies. His music has been featured on television shows such as Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill, as well as in The Nines (U.S.), Blue Eyelids (France), Toi et Moi (France), and other full-length films. Over the last decade, Schuller has added countless other instruments to his repertoire of sounds, and has become known for combining acoustic and natural sounds with touches of electronica. His American debut album, Happiness, was released on the Minty Fresh record label in 2005. Schuller's latest single is "Nightlife," and he is currently working on a new album. Check out for the latest news.
Sebastien Schuller
Twinkling, melancholy soundtrack to an imaginary experimental French film
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