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Sarazino, a.k.a. Lamine Fellah later lived in Spain, Switzerland, Burundi, Burkina Fosa, then Canada and finally Ecuador. So if anyone's got a license to incorporate a variety of regional styles into his music, it's this guy. ”

Lyrics from Band of the Day Review

Lamine Fellah is a nomad at heart, musically inspired by his global travels since childhood. The Algeria-native producer fronts Sarazino, based in Ecuador, delivering signature world pop comprised of African, reggae and Latin influences. His father was a diplomat and traveled intercontinentally to various postings, exposing the songwriter to styles beyond Western Africa at an early age. Fellah started writing his own music and formed his own band with friends before taking off to study at the University of Montreal. Fellah lost his father in an assassination by Islamic radicals in 1993, influencing the young musician to further embrace the urgency for global community through his music. Two years later in Montreal, Sarazino was conceived, releasing their full-length debut Et Puis Voila in 1997. Following the release, Fellah moved to Ecuador, where he grew fond of Latin styles and released his sophomore Mundo Babilón through MTM Records in 2003. Sarazino joined the Cumbancha Discovery series and released its third album, Ya Foy!, in 2009, followed by their latest release, Everyday Salama, in May 2012.
A cosmopolitan songwriter makes globe trotting world music
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