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I don't care how much you've lied. Making the same mistakes all over again is all I do. Just one more time and it will be alright, always make the same mistakes when I'm with you. ”

Lyrics from Hangover

Roos Jonker is a Dutch Singer-songwriter who makes modern music with a classic soulful jazz voice. Jonker attended the Amsterdam Conservatory and studied in the jazz department, which led to the development of her classic jazz style and improvisational techniques. She was the lead singer with the Glenn Miller Orchestra and toured with them through Europe. She has worked with various artists such as Benny Sings and Kindred Spirits Ensemble and has performed at festivals like North Sea Jazz and Lowlands. Jonker not only sings, but plays the piano, guitar, harp, and saxophone in addition to producing her own beats. Her debut album Mmmmm released on Dox Records in 2010. In 2011 her album was named Breakthrough Album of the Year in iTunes’ jazz category. Jonker also appeared in the Make It Right album, that was part of the In A Cabin With project.
Roos Jonker
A Dutch Jazz singer/multi-instrumentalist makes stunningly easy-going and sweet jazz gold
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