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There is hope for us yet, we are young we are wet. There is no time for despair, no time for regret. ”

Lyrics from The Color of Industry

The inspiration for Radiation City’s newest output stems from an old piano. The piano has lived in drummer Randy Bemrose's basement for eons. It's old, cumbersome, and on it's last legs. The band used sounds from the piano throughout the recording of this new EP... not just the keys though, the clicks and clacks from the body, the slamming of the lid, and virtually every other sound you can imagine making on the piano. After they were finished, the piano was beat up, out of tune, and falling apart. Having used the old piano of all it's worth, and as a celebration of an intense year, Radiation City engaged in the ceremonial destruction of the old piano documented on the first single’s video, “Find it of Use.” Cool Nightmare is the followup to the dream-pop quintet’s acclaimed debut, The Hands That Take You, released this past fall on Tender Loving Empire (Typhoon, Loch Lomond).
Radiation City
A dreamy haze of beautiful jazzy melodies and rock grit
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Find It Of Use
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