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One time is all I need, to know my job's complete. ”

Lyrics from Life Prowler

No Age is the lo-fi rock duo of Dean Spunt (drums, vocals) and Randy Randall (guitar). The pair formed No Age in late 2005 after the break up of their previous band Wives. They played their first proper show in April 2006 at downtown Los Angeles venue, The Smell, where they’re currently listed as a mainstay after developing strong ties with the underground community centered around the venue. No Age are known to play in unconventional places and in the past have had gigs at venues like, Food Fight, a vegan grocery store in Portland, Oregon, and the Los Angeles Central Library. The band compiled five previously released EPs to make the album, Weirdo Rippers, which was released on June 11, 2007 via Fat Cat records. No Age moved to Sub Pop records in 2008 and delivered their proper debut album Nouns. Their third album, Everything in Between, was released in September 2010.
No Age
Genre-bending noise rock infused with pop melodies
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