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The stars begin to fall. Dance with me till there's nothing left of you at all. ”

Lyrics from Despair

Alluringly grim singer-songwriter Mirel Wagner was born in Ethiopia and grew up in Espoo, Finland. The 24-year-old bluesy chanteuse fostered her musical talents at an early age, writing and performing since 16. Her gloomy repertoire with austere character only draws fans closer; her promising talent quickly picked up attention from journalists worldwide who could only give her praise. Photographer Aki Roukala, an early believer, funded Wagner’s first recordings, which released in Europe through Bone Voyage Recordings in October 2011. Her sound so minimal and delicately detailed, Wagner features pieces from her teen years, including “To The Bone,” the first single off of her self-titled debut. Wagner’s LP released stateside in March 2012 through Friendly Fire Recordings.
Mirel Wagner
Sparse, gothic blues-folk from a Finnish-Ethiopian musician
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