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She loves with reckless abandon. You're a psycho conundrum. You drained the colors from me. I told you she's crazy. ”

Lyrics from Cleopatra

Miniature Tigers is an indie pop outfit based out of Brooklyn. The band was first formed as a collaboration between frontman Charlie Brand and drummer Rick Schaier who met through Myspace while both were living in LA. At the time Brand was suffering from a recent heartbreak, but channeled his efforts into crafting catchy pop hooks. Miniature Tigers were named one of the 25 best bands on Myspace in 2006 by Rolling Stone. They released their debut album Tell It To The Volcano in 2008 on the label Modern Art. Since then the band has toured with the likes of Ben Folds, Japandroids and Neon Indian. Their latest album, Mia Pharaoh, dropped in March 2012.
Miniature Tigers
Unabashedly catchy indie pop, mixing psychedelia and 80s kitsch with equal enthusiasm
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