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We are seeing, feeling mystical things. And we are beautiful, and we are worth it all, and we are living/breathing. ”

Lyrics from Living/Breathing

Colorado-native James Cooley is the music man behind Mesita. He's been self-releasing his blend of experimental indie folk rock since 2008, beginning with his debut album Cherry Blossom. He’s since released two EPs, No Worries (July 2009) and Living/Breathing (November 2010), and a sophomore album, Here’s to Nowhere (March 2011). Cooley's latest, The Coyote, released in April 2012, marks his third full length. With this latest album, the multi-instrumentalist delivers a slightly shoegaze indie folk record in the same vein as Bon Iver and Shugo Tokumaru.
Layers of vibrant instrumentals and gorgeous vocals produced entirely in a bedroom
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