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Maintain the focus, cause when I spit the hocus pocus it's nice to know, it's just as bright where the glow is ”

Lyrics from The Romance of the Telescope

Philadelphia-based producer and emcee Lushlife, born Rajesh Haldar, combines an art school take on hip hop production with a relentless flow usually reserved for MC battles. Lushlife’s first album, Cassette City, was released in 2009 on Rapster Records. The Cassette City Remix Project was released later in 2009 as an EP. Choosing an unorthodox way of spreading his music, Lushlife released a mixtape titled No More Golden Days on cassette tape (which has since become available digitally). On his most recent effort Plateau Vision (released in 2012 on Western Vinyl) Lushlife features a slew of well known and critically acclaimed lyricists to accompany him, such as former Lox and Bad Boy member Styles P, Canadian emcee Shad, and Heems from previous Band of the Day feature Das Racist, in addition to a number of other artists that compliment the flow and production of the album.
An emcee/producer effortlessly combines lush, progressive production and hard-hitting flow
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