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And when life gets tough, it’s just, "Hey, What’s up?" And a glance eye to eye, and I’m back to all right. ”

Lyrics from Lero-Lero (translated)

Luisa Maita is a Brazilian singer and songwriter who creates a unique style of music that is a blend of Brazilian Pop and World Music. Maita comes from a family of musicians as her mother was a producer and her father was a composer. Born and raised in the culturally vibrant Bexiga neighborhood of Sao Paolo, Luisa learned music at an early age from her family and the surrounding samba and bossa nova influences around her. Maita formed her first band Urbanda in 1999 and the group recoded and released an album in 2003. She released her debut solo album Lero-Lero in 2010 and subsequently won a Brazilian Music Award - The Brazilian equivalent of a Grammy - for Best New Artist. She then toured North America selling out concert halls, appearing at festivals, and earning rave reviews.
Luisa Maita
Sensual, chilled bossa nova from a Sao Paulo songstress
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