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Did you ever try to burn a breeze? Candles catch torching the trees. Did you ever try to burn a breeze? Eye for eye, teeth for teeth. ”

Lyrics from Concrete Waves

Within tight confines, singer-songwriter Kendra Morris developed her bluesy music career since early childhood. Given her family’s music background—her father, a guitarist, and her mother, a singer—the Florida native started recording over cassette tapes through her karaoke machine in the makeshift studio she called her closet. The then-eight-year-old moved to New York City in 2003, where she continued to produce closet music after diverging from former all-girl band Pinktricity. She self-released her This Won’t Hurt a Bit EP in 2007 and, subsequently, her Milk and Cookies Never Lie EP in 2008. Morris performed at gigs around New York City and eventually started making music with producer Jeremy Page, leading up to the release of her self-titled EP in 2010. Her career has since picked up attention and took another big step with the recent release of her first LP, Banshee, through Wax Poetics Records in August 2012.
Kendra Morris
Tender Motown-inspired melodies from a modern soul songstress
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