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But I heard the funniest thing that you forgot to tell me. Your friend came up to me, and you didn't want to say, you've got a girlfriend. ”

Lyrics from Girlfrend

Julia Price’s music career is fresh—like, really fresh. We first heard from the Uptown New York singer/songwriter after she released her first single “Girlfriend” in September 2011. However, family and friends watched Price grow up singing. The up-and-comer always kept her aspirations broad; her upbringing largely revolved around athletics, including competitive gymnastics and diving, demanding more time for training and leaving less for music. A recurring injury put Price in a tough place, sidelining her from her college diving career. But this granted Price the opportunity to explore and hone her talents. Originally in pursuit of a career in journalism, the University of Miami alum opted out of the reporter’s lifestyle with ABC’s Good Morning America to become a full-time musician. Since then, Price moved to Los Angeles, toured the United States and most recently released her debut Stories Between the Avenues EP in late-July 2012.
Julia Price
A singer/songwriter zeroes in on the blueprint for catchy piano pop
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