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Folded under your wings something strange protrudes and it backs into your skin, and nothing you can say makes it less unusual. ”

Lyrics from Road

Danish-born musicians Sara Savery (formerly of People Press Play) and Tobias Wilner (of Blue Foundation) first teamed up for trip hop project Bichi Meets Savery in 2004. This pairing evolved into Ghost Society in 2008 with the inclusion of percussionist Lasse Herbst (Choir of Young Believers). Since Ghost Society’s 2010 release of a pristine debut album, The Back of His Hands, Then the Palms, the group has taken a moment to focus a bit more on solo work. Savery released a debut solo album, The Diver, last October. Wilner is preparing to release another Blue Foundation album (which will feature Savery’s vocals on some tracks). Meanwhile, all three musicians contributed individually and collectively as Ghost Society to the soundtrack for award-winning documentary film Tankograd, released last summer. The trio’s most recent work is a beautiful single “His Hands,” which appeared earlier this year in a pivotal love scene during the finale of award-winning TV series Chuck.
Ghost Society
A Danish group wandering through a dreamscape of edgy guitars and introspective vocals
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