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Spit phlegm, jumped in, we knowing the hitmen. Every other optional flow gets the clip then. ”

Lyrics from Gutter Water

Gangrene is the collaboration between rappers/producers The Alchemist and Oh No. After meeting at a show headlined by their mutual aquaintance Evidence, of Dilated Peoples, the two hit it off and began a musical correspondence—one would send the other a beat and a verse, and the other would respond in kind. Out of this murky meeting of minds, Gangrene was born. The duo has since released a number of records through Decon Records. Gangrene first released their Sawblade EP in 2010 and followed it with their first full-length album Gutter Water. 2011’s collaboration Greneberg with Roc Marciano, also of Decon Records, was named one of the year’s best rap albums by SPIN magazine. In 2012 they released a second full-length Vodka & Ayahuasca, as well as another EP entitled Odditorium.
Two legendary West Coast rappers/producers join forces to devastating effect
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