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Follow me and see just how much a man can stand before we go off the deep end. ”

Lyrics from The Ghetto

Before signing onto Young Jeezy’s CTE label in 2011, 30-year-old rising rapper Freddie Gibbs hit a rough patch, having dabbled in some urban vices at home in Gary, Indiana. All the while, Gibbs derived inspiration for an original flow and set of lyrics from an unconventional lifestyle that picked up industry attention. Gibbs kicked off his music career with online mixtapes, including the Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs, that had him eventually flying out to give record labels a shot. After a bit of trial and error with staying signed and a knack for producing mixtapes that shined under internet spotlights, Gibbs broke through and released his debut Str8 Killa EP (2010) with Decon Records. Once an underdog, the hip hop all-star is now on a roll, having since co-released his 2011 Shame EP with producer Madlib and, in the same year, his latest Cold Day in Hell mixtape. Gibbs is set to release his latest Baby Face Killa mixtape in July 2012.
Freddie Gibbs
Tongue-twisting, blue collar gangsta rap from the Heartland
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The Ghetto
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