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I'm not the one to work in the sun, I'm no vegetable gardener. ”

Lyrics from Vegetable Gardeners

Eric & Magill are Eric Osterman (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and Ryan Weber (vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, bells). In June 2007, after completing the album World Travels Fast with his previous group, Decibully, Weber moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to the Republic of Armenia for a year to volunteer as an audio design instructor. While there, he started an e-mail correspondence with his longtime friend and former Camden guitarist, Eric Osterman. Together they began writing songs over e-mail, and slowly started collaborating with other musician friends. The album, All Those I Know, features a number of notable indie rock musicians, as well as an Internet Choir comprised of over forty friends who sang into their computers from their respective locations. Weber is currently based in Kenya, and Osterman in Brooklyn.
Eric and Magill
Gorgeously sweeping soundscapes created in two different continents, via e-mail
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