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What do I say if taking my time means rushing all the wrong things? ”

Lyrics from Mane

Brooklyn-based experimental pop outfit Conveyor bands together the talents of four Floridian graduates: frontman TJ Masters, drummer Evan Garfield, guitarist Alan Busch and bassist Michael Pedron. The group originally began as an electronic partnership in Gainesville. However, as fate would seemingly have it, the four each landed in New York by coincidence. They joined forces after reuniting at a party in the city, and a jam session later, Conveyor was born. Soon after, the newly formed band released their debut Sun Ray EP in April 2011, introducing their synth-y, dreamy harmonies to the scene. Fast-forward to July 2012, and the band released its self-titled debut LP through Paper Garden Records. The band took the national music scene by storm, having performed from coast to coast since February 2011.
A multi-colored hailstorm of sunny, instrumentally rich indie pop
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Right Sleep (SXSW Live)
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