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'Cause even though you left me here, I have nothing left to fear, these are the only walls that hold me here ”

Lyrics from Letters From The Sky

Civil Twilight is a power trio originally from Cape Town, South Africa. The band has drawn comparisons to early U2 due to their fiery and passionate vocals over alternative rock instrumentation. Brothers Andrew (guitar, vocals) and Steven McKellar (vocals, bass, keyboards) teamed up with high school classmate Richard Wouters (drums) to form the band in 1996. The group played the club scene for some years before moving to LA in 2005 and finally recorded and released their debut album Human in 2007 on One October. Their second album was self-titled and re-released in 2009 on Wind Up Records, followed by the much anticipated 2012 release Holy Weather. The band has had songs featured on numerous TV shows and movies including House, MD, The Vampire Diaries, and One Tree Hill.
Civil Twilight
Dramatic U2 inspired rock with an excitingly gritty edge
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