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Everybody's got a secret to hide, everyone is slipping backwards. ”

Lyrics from Kill For Love

The ever-changing Chromatics released their debut album, Chrome Rats vs. Basement Rutz, in 2003 with original lineup Adam Miller, Devin Welch, Michelle Nolan, and Hannah Billie. Several more lineup changes resulted in the band’s current synthpop dark disco sound, transitioning from a former post-punk lo-fi direction. The new foursome consisting of Ruth Radelet, Johnny Jewel, Nat Walker, and original member Adam Miller, released Kill For Love in March 2012. Chromatics gained recognition after their song “Tick of The Clock” was featured in the movie soundtrack of the 2011 film Drive. The band is often associated and compared with fellow Italians Do It Better label mates, Glass Candy, which Johnny Jewel is also a part of, and Desire, a side project of Johnny Jewel and Nat Walker.
Sleek Italo-disco that sounds crafted from a dream
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