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Got six friends, and they know your name. And my six friends, all waiting to take aim. ”

Lyrics from Pop Pop Bang Bang

Northern California native singer-songwriter Chantal Claret also grew up in New York, where she’d snuck into mod clubs in her early teen years for the retro bluesy tunes that now influence her music career. Prior to her solo journey, Claret teamed up with bassist Pedro Yanowitz, and the duo, along with drummer John Paul Kennon O and guitarist Richard Steel, performed as the high-energy Morningwood, signing to Capitol Records and releasing their 2006 debut that had the band soaring. Morningwood released their 2009 sophomore record and completed their final tour in March 2012. The 30-year-old chanteuse’s didn’t stop there, her path merely diverging towards the debut of “Pop Pop Bang Bang and the subsequent release of her solo EP, The Pleasure Seeker, in April 2012 through The End Records. Claret recently followed up with her full-length The One, The Only… in June 2012.
Chantal Claret
A rocker lends her unique, fiery flair to classic soul
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