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It steps in time and drags its heels. It panders to the weakest, a fossil fuel. In case you find a richer seam, it’s a mechanism you’ve come to rely on. It’s a skeleton. ”

Lyrics from Interference

Breton’s cinematic sound comes as no surprise. The South London experimental rock group started out in 2007 as an award-winning indie film partnership between band members Roman Rappak and Adam Ainger. Having produced soundtracks for their own films, the team later expanded into a four-piece multimedia wonder in 2010 to include Ian Patterson and Daniel McIlvenny. More recently, they've added Ryan McClarnon on visuals. Named after surrealism founder and French poet André Breton, the band independently released three EPs—Counter Balance, Practical and Sharing Notes—before signing with Fat Cat Records in 2011. Breton also crafted remixes for various artists including Is Tropical, Local Natives and The Temper Trap. They later released their full-length debut Other People’s Problems in March 2012. Breton started their 2012 tour, covering New York, the United Kingdom and Europe.
Darkly glitchy mix of hip hop beats and indie from young UK experimentalists
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