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I ain't got no use for your red rocking chair, I ain't got no sugar baby now, no I ain't got no honey baby now. ”

Lyrics from Red Rocking Chair

In the tradition of supergroups like The Traveling Wilburys and The Highwaymen comes Black Prairie, the amalgamation of The Decemberists' Chris Funk (Dobro), Nate Query (Bass), and Jenny Conlee (Accordion), Annalisa Tornfelt (Violin) from Bearfoot and the Woolwines, and Jon Neufeld (Guitar) of Dolorean. The bluegrass project began when Funk and Query put together a side project when they had a break from touring with The Decemberists. The group's first album, Feast of the Hunters’ Moon, was released in 2010 on Sugar Hill Records. Most of the group’s songs are instrumentals usually consisting of only stringed instruments. Black Prairie truly creates music that they like making and “music for music’s sake”. The group is releasing a special vinyl only record which features two new songs for National Record Store Day on April 21, 2012.
Black Prairie
Atmospheric Americana peppered with jazz and European folk traditions
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