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I wish I could be anything I have to be. If I were anything different I wouldn’t know the difference. ”

Lyrics from Your Imperfections

Nate Kinsella’s extensive musical path has placed him onstage with a number of indie bands such as Make Believe, December Architects and, notably, math rock Chicago band Joan of Arc (where he joined his brother Tim and cousin Mike). Kinsella plays countless instruments, from accordion to Wurlitzer, and is equally versed in the programming side of things. After tinkering with his own music for a while on the side, the multi-instrumentalist broke off officially from Joan of Arc to explore his own musical space. His solo work came to fruition in 2007 when Kinsella produced The Layer under the moniker Birthmark. He followed this remarkable debut album with Shaking Hands in 2010. This year, the talented Chicagoan-cum-Brooklynite released a third work, Antibodies.
One-man indie rock band combining delicate orchestrals and careful programming
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