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A deep voice buried in the breeze creeps in and invades the trees, set loose from a lovely home. ”

Lyrics from Spring Blossoms

Singer Sylvia Gordon had a slew of musical projects, including New Wave Brooklyn-based trio Kudu, Vivian Alive! and now, Betty Black. Last year, Gordon released the '60s girl group-inspired Slow Dance EP (Frau Pink Productions/ Kid Recordings, 2011)—the first in a trilogy of EPs about young girls’ ascents into womanhood. She’s no stranger to the music world having worked with some of pop’s biggest acts including Benny Benassi, Moby, Kelis and The Black Eyed Peas, co-writing the latter’s #1 UK hit single “Meet Me Halfway.” Gordon since released two singles off her forthcoming Bad Weather EP, due out Summer 2012, the sultry ballad “Am I Not Your Girl" and the title track “Bad Weather."
Betty Black
Alluring, gothic pop ballads from a sultry songstress
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