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The world is lazy, but you and me we're just crazy. So when I'm with you, I have fun, yeah when I'm with you, I have fun. ”

Lyrics from When I'm With You

Best Coast is a surf influenced pop band from Los Angeles, California. The group formed in 2009 and consists of Bethany Cosentino on vocals and guitar (she also writes the songs) and multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno. Cosentino's songs make heavy use of reverb, warm vintage guitar tones and her broken heart love songs are described as being an homage to the style of 1960s girl groups. After releasing a number of 7'' singles in 2009, Best Coast released their debut LP Crazy For You on Mexican Summer Records in 2010. The art for the album feature's Cosentino's cat Snacks on the cover. Crazy For You fared extremely well with critics, and it launched the group to world tours and major network television appearances. The pair followed this up with their sophomore album, The Only Place, released on Mexican Summer Records on May 15th, 2012. Best Coast is currently touring in support of the album.
Best Coast
Sun-soaked indie pop created as an homage to the Golden State
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