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I could catch you baby, I could hold you tight. You say you've got me pegged already and I'll let you believe it if you want me to. ”

Lyrics from Down Right

Carlos Hernandez is the son of a '70s New York soul DJ. After a detour playing in punk and noise projects (and producing for bands like Fucked Up), he returned to his soul roots and formed Ava Luna, a band of two girls and four guys, to explore a sound that combines all those ideas. Recently having released their debut LP Ice Level, which was praised by Spin as "a beaming mix of ice-cool vintage '80s no wave grooves and extra-lush three-part girl group harmonies", and by Pitchfork as "glorious", they are frequently compared to fellow sound mavericks TVOTR and Dirty Projectors, as fronted by Prince and backed by Destiny's Child.
Ava Luna
A fresh take on soul with spastic rhythms and heavenly harmonies
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