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Taking substantial inspiration from jazz, the albums are warm and dense, merging the manic intensity of bebop and free jazz with jungle and ambient techno. ”

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Amon Tobin is a Brazilian-born electronic musician who garnered notice in the early ‘90s with his first album release Adventures In Foam. The album’s innovative sound was noticed by several of the UK’s successful electronic artists and led to his subsequent signing to the label Ninja Tune in 1996. Tobin is a self-trained musician, his first experimentations with sound conducted in his bedroom as a teenager in Brighton, England. Since his entry into the music world, Tobin has maintained a prodigious output that includes seven albums, soundtracks for video games inFAMOUS and Splinter Cell and collaborations with such artists as the classically-based Kronos Quartet and the Dutch musical trio Noisia. Selections of his work have been performed at the Royal Albert Hall by the London Metropolitan Orchestra. His latest studio album, ISAM, was released in early 2011.
Amon Tobin
A legendary electronic music pioneer explores otherworldly sounds and melodies
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