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We don’t want to go unsung, so give us your faith, cuz it’s not too late, to turn the wrong into right. ”

Lyrics from Dark Into Light

AM and Shawn Lee is a collaboration between Los Angeles-based musician AM and London-based Shawn Lee. Both established musicians in their own right, the two musicians worked together to write Celestial Electric. AM contacted Shawn Lee via email after hearing one of his songs played on the radio, and the two artists discovered they shared a love for vintage soul and jazz as well classic French and Italian music. They decided to write an album together and traded music through the web. Lee, an accomplished percussionist, began by sending AM drum tracks. AM wrote songs around the percussion, and the two musicians continued sending the tracks back and forth, honing them further using an assortment of vintage instruments and cheap synths. The result of their work was released as Celestial Electric in September 2011. The full-length album is a unique brand of electro-soul, combining an assortment of textures and styles but tied together by AM's keen vocal melodies and Lee's expert rhythmic sense.
AM and Shawn Lee
Vintage soul grooves collide with electrified pop mastery
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