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If the oranges would never rot, and if the leaves would never fall. If everything stayed the same forever, I wouldn't care at all. ”

Lyrics from Still Life

Jonathan Visger and Brian Konicek first met as teenagers, bonding over a shared fascination with strange sounds and old tape machines. They recorded in basements and bedrooms, attics and closets, amassing an ever-evolving archive of song fragments and noisy four track experiments. Hollow & Akimbo is a continuation of that restless creative spirit. It is the culmination of years spent writing together. Each song is its own peculiar construction; a special blend of looped rhythms and intricate electronic arrangements, of Konicek’s wiry guitar textures, Mike Higgins' infectious drumming, and Visger’s dreamy, often melancholic, vocal melodies. Hollow & Akimbo’s upcoming album was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely by the band. Naturally. They have come a long way from those early days in the basement. Yet, at heart, Visger and Konicek are still the same incredibly curious kids -- creating music for the pure love of the process.
Hollow and Akimbo
Intricate electronic arrangements artfully blended with wiry guitars and dreamy vocals
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Solar Plexus (live)
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